A few years ago I taught an online training class on Social Media. The results by far exceeded my expectations, and I am humbled and grateful to all my students who kept in touch with me.

I have also created a Private Facebook Group to provide ongoing support and answer all your questions.

As a member of the community, you will also gain access to download a free copy of the ebook The Logic of Communication

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Wondering what Communication actually is, and how it works? We have an ebook for that, for only $2,99

Now I’m back to online training, with a focus on Communication and how it works. I could have simply updated my Social Media Class, but I chose not to, for a number of reasons.

  1. If we master the basic and fundamental mechanics of a topic, we can then apply our knowledge to any channel or specific niche.
  2. Communication issues are a big problem we face every day, on the professional and personal level. Awareness of a few simple principles can make our lives much easier.
  3. Social Media platforms change and evolve at a very fast pace, adding new features all the time. I didn’t want to give you something that would quickly become obsolete.
  4. The topics covered, from Information Theory to Transactional Analysis, are solid and tested frameworks that have been around for over 50 years.
  5. Social Media has empowered everyone with the ability to potentially reach millions of people, but hasn’t provided proper training on how to avoid pitfalls and potential backlash.

As humans, we communicate daily with each other because it’s in our nature. We are social animals.

Awareness of how exactly we do that, and control over the process, will boost your effectiveness to another level.

Other companies are selling corporate classes on this topic for over $2,000 – I’m offering my online version for $299, a  fraction of the cost, because I want it to be accessible for individuals and not only companies.

If you want to give the class a try, and you’re not sure you want to commit all the way, I got you! You can rent the entire course for 48 hours and binge watch it for only $29.